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Bride's Help Center

Hey Brides & Grooms!  We get A LOT of the same questions being asked as you dive deep into your planning so we are putting alllll the answers here!  Be sure to check out this section for your answers...if you still have unanswered questions let us know!


The Ranch House does not have a required vendor list.  We want you to book who you want at your wedding!  


See Alcohol and Catering for further stipulations. 

Vendor drop off or pick ups not on day of must be approved by venue ahead of time. 

Rachel Driskell Photography
Rachel Driskell Photography
Rachel Driskell Photography

Table Sizes & Availability


60 " Round Tables x 40 

48" Round x 2


8' X 6 

6' X 2

***We recommend speaking with the linen rental company to determine which size you need based on how long you want your linens. ***

**Reminder - All tables above require linens**


8' X 1 

10' X 9


All alcohol must be served from behind the bar and be behind the bar prior to the wedding ceremony. 

Only options is to hire a full service bar service to provide alcohol and bartenders.  

Guest BYOB is prohibited.  

Guest are not permitted to bring in coolers to turn into the bar and be served.  

Bartenders must be hired from a bartending service. 

No glass beer bottles.

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Cooking on site is prohibited.  The venue provides a prep kitchen only.  The caterer chosen must be a legitimate restaurant or catering service.  Meal provided by family or friends is prohibited. 

Candles are permitted, but required to be in containers.  Small votives or hurricane vases.  NO taper candles.

Real flower petals - allowed indoors and outdoor. MUST BE PICKED UP INDOORS. 

Fake flower petals - allowed indoors and outdoors.  MUST BE PICKED UP OUTDOORS.

Sparkler send - off : permitted unless under a burn ban. MUST bring your own bucket/container to collect afterwards to finish burning out. 

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Front Door Dimensions.PNG

Front Door Dimensions

Check out the picture to see dimensions of the front door if you are planning to building an arch and want to know door specs. 

(may require viewing on a computer or tablet)

Sample Floorplans

Click the button below to view sample floorplans for indoor ceremony & receptions.  


8 to 10 chairs per table 

6 tables can fit side by side the width of the room


REMINDER : Label all rectangle tables or shapes you add to the floorplan.  With size and what the space is for.  **See table sizes for size options** 

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A Commercial Event Insurance Policy is required with the following details  

  • Commercial General Liability Insurance including Host Liquor liability 

  • Minimum limit of $1,000,000 Combined Single Limit for Bodily Injury and Property Damage.

  • Certificate Holder or Additional Insured listing: Byronelaine, LLC dba THE RANCH HOUSE 

  • Certificate of Insurance emailed to The Ranch House

Insurance Requirements

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